Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Involved, Inspired, & In Love #surprise

School is going fantastic and I'm becoming more involved. I didn't realize how many organizations and clubs there are at UCF. If you are interested in an acapella group, we have one. If you want to get into larpining and role playing, there's a club for that. A communications club is in the making right now I'm proud to say that I will be involved in that.
I will be going to Universal Knights which is where they open Universal Studios from 4 PM to 2 AM on March 30th! My roommate and I got our tickets the other day and I'm so pumped! Roller coasters, here we come!

You know I love concerts...
Every time I go to a concert I feel inspired and recharged, not to mention how much fun I have. I went to The Unconditional Tour at the House of Blues with my friend Stephani earlier this month. My favorite bands that played were Beartooth and of course, the headlining band, Memphis May Fire. The crowd was alive and the crowd surfing was rampant. I'd like to announce that I crowd surfed for the first time and I feel like I can officially cross that off my bucket list. I've been keeping my eye out for upcoming concerts and I have a feeling I will be attending some pretty awesome ones this summer!

Someone's in love...
And I'm happy to announce my mom is engaged! James, the groom-to-be, asked a local band called Amp'd, to learn a special song and then asked my mom's family and friends meet at Dexter's because he was going to propose. Everything went perfect and she was so surprised. I couldn't be happier for them and I'm ready to have a ball at the wedding! Here is myself, my mom, James' son (Caleb), and James the night of the proposal.