Monday, September 30, 2013

Flo-Rida #GoKnights

As promised, a post about the Victoria's Secret PINK concert on a few weeks ago. It was incredible! Fui con amigo, Amanda, de la clase de español... la clase es muy difícil pero interesante. I've been practicing my spanish! But the concert was awesome because we were right up front!
Here's The White Panda:
Then Flo-Rida came out on stage! He definitely knows how to put on a show. We were singing at the top of our lungs and then during the song, "Low", the bodyguard started lifting girls on to the stage and I was one of them!!! It gets better, Flo-Rida then turned around and handed ME the microphone so... of course I started singing and dancing! 
Flo-Rida & Me:
COLLEGE: I got through my first round of exams! I did better than I thought and now I know what to expect. My human relations & comm. was the hardest; all fill in the blank. But I did get a 98% on my Spanish exam! 

This past Saturday I went tailgating with some friends before the UCF vs South Carolina football game, which we lost by 3 little points! My friend, Katie, had her own tent and the tent next to us was grilling French toast in the morning and hamburgers for lunch!My favorite Courtney also came out! I've known her literally my whole life (Our moms have been best friends since they were 16 years old!!!) Here's Court & I when we were in Girl Scouts:

Can't wait for the next game :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm a Knight! #newlife

Within the last year so many things have changed in my life. Getting my AA, realizing that my first love wasn't the right one anymore, moving out, getting a new car, paying bills, discovering my new favorite TV show (Dexter), getting accepted to UCF, learning to cook (somewhat), learning to give my car an oil change, giving up bad habits, exploring new places, meeting new people & being reunited with those from the past, and realizing that it was time to grow up. I've decided to start a blog so I can document this journey that I'm on:)

I'm currently in my 4th week at UCF and I am LOVING it! The campus is amazing, my classes are interesting, my professors are passionate, and there's no limit to the opportunities I can take advantage of.
Alright, so I'm a Human Communications major taking Interpersonal Comm., Intercultural Comm., Human Relations & Communications, and Spanish! So far my favorite class is Human Relations with Dusseau; while the class is almost a whopping 3 hours, her lectures are actually really interesting and quite entertaining. My only fear is that her exams account for 80% of our grade...YIKES! I have my first one tomorrow! Fingers crossed I ace it!

Apartment life is dreamy. My roommates are pretty cool and I'm in love with my bedroom (I get my own bathroom and walk-in closet).
 Props to my mother for helping me decorate. I'm trying my very best to keep it nice and tidy; she would be proud:)

I'm also slowly but surely discovering what an incredible area this is! Every restaurant and shopping place imaginable can be found within a 10 min drive! The hardest part is not to spend all my money here!

Now on to employment...
Back in June, I had to give my notice to a family that I was nannying for (knowing that my school schedule and the distance would be a conflict); one of the hardest things I've had to do. This is Callie, she just turned 7 years old. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with her this month and snapped this picture!
This little girl taught me so much in the past two years. She has such an amazing spirit and played a huge role in me "maturing". I didn't grow up with a sister or brother so I never felt that need to be protective over someone or the desire to help them grow or the feeling of being proud when they accomplish something. Callie made me experience that kind of love. She will definitely always be a part of my life and I'm so thankful for her family.

Now I'm working at My Gym Children's Fitness Center, again. It was the first job I ever had! I guess I just couldn't stay away:) It's such a fun and rewarding place to work; plus my coworkers are pretty awesome themselves. (Me, McKenzie, & Dana).

 I should probably catch some Zzz's now considering the fact that it's 3am.  I'll have to blog about the PINK takes UCF concert that I went to last week... it was a blast! That'll have to wait until another day though:)