Monday, September 30, 2013

Flo-Rida #GoKnights

As promised, a post about the Victoria's Secret PINK concert on a few weeks ago. It was incredible! Fui con amigo, Amanda, de la clase de español... la clase es muy difícil pero interesante. I've been practicing my spanish! But the concert was awesome because we were right up front!
Here's The White Panda:
Then Flo-Rida came out on stage! He definitely knows how to put on a show. We were singing at the top of our lungs and then during the song, "Low", the bodyguard started lifting girls on to the stage and I was one of them!!! It gets better, Flo-Rida then turned around and handed ME the microphone so... of course I started singing and dancing! 
Flo-Rida & Me:
COLLEGE: I got through my first round of exams! I did better than I thought and now I know what to expect. My human relations & comm. was the hardest; all fill in the blank. But I did get a 98% on my Spanish exam! 

This past Saturday I went tailgating with some friends before the UCF vs South Carolina football game, which we lost by 3 little points! My friend, Katie, had her own tent and the tent next to us was grilling French toast in the morning and hamburgers for lunch!My favorite Courtney also came out! I've known her literally my whole life (Our moms have been best friends since they were 16 years old!!!) Here's Court & I when we were in Girl Scouts:

Can't wait for the next game :)

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