Sunday, February 23, 2014

College & Concerts #journey

What a journey! I'm in my second semester at UCF and I feel like I've already been on the biggest journey of my life. There have been some firsts, a lot of fangirling, and some lessons learned. I've created some new memories, collaborated with colleagues, and I might have even captivated some hearts.

Let's start with UCF...
These two semesters have been pretty fantastic! My professors have been really awesome AND helpful. One of my favorites is Professor Dusseau. I took her last semester and I'm taking her again now! She has a fun way of teaching the material to students that makes it really easy to understand. I have fallen in love with my major. Human Communication is so fascinating and addicting. I can't wait to see what the rest of this semester has in store. And have you seen how beautiful the campus is?

Now about concerts...
I saw my favorite band, A Day To Remember, for the second time in October. Their set was incredible; they had fire (yes, actual fire was shooting from the stage), & Santa even joined the party!  Then last month I saw Bring Me The Horizon  for the first time and they definitely did not disappoint. One of the many reasons I love going to concerts is because everyone is there for the same reason, to see the band. Meeting new people and even making new friends is so much easier when you both share the same goal.
I'm going to see Memphis May Fire this coming Wednesday, so expect pictures!

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